How To Overcome Money Blocks

Money blocks are commonplace amongst the majority of people. For entrepreneurs, money blocks can severely impact the way you conduct business, and they can be the deep-rooted source of some of your financial struggles. Overcoming them is a challenging prospect, but once accomplished the benefits are life changing.

First and foremost, what does money blocks mean exactly? Money blocks are a collection of emotions, beliefs and thoughts that prevent you from achieving financial success. They are the subconscious voice that actively keeps you either in stasis or regressing more and more.

Here are the three steps of how to overcome money blocks:


Our concept of money is shaped by the sum of our experiences, and more specifically by our childhood. 

How you were raised and the things you heard from your parents and family all have an effect on how and what you think about money. For example: if your parents constantly spoke negatively about wealthy people, that having a lot of money is bad, then you might find yourself thinking similarly. And so, if you make or have more money than your parents, you might consider yourself to be a bad person. You might find yourself self-sabotaging, because subconsciously you believe money to be bad.

The opposite can also be the case. If you grew up in a wealthy family where having the latest and most expensive things was the priority, then you might find yourself overspending to maintain an image of wealth at the cost of your financial wellbeing.

Whatever the case may be, your first step is to pause and self-reflect. Ask yourself: What did I hear about money growing up? What goes through my mind when I spend money? What do I think and feel about money?


Once you dig through your mind, ask yourself the difficult questions and find the answers, you will have arrived at the source of your money blocks. The next step is acceptance.

You must accept the presence of your money blocks. Recognize the overarching effects they have on your emotions, your decisions, your thoughts and your business. Perhaps you discovered you view yourself as being bad with money, and because of this you overspend and avoid looking at your bank account. Perhaps you procrastinate and don’t focus, or perhaps you feel rage and jealousy seeing other people do better than you. All this negativity leads to severe money blocks.

By accepting who you are, the type of habits, emotions and thoughts that have guided you thus far, you can begin the process of forgiveness. Forgive yourself, it is okay and understandable to have these money blocks. Once you do that then you can truly move forward.


Now that you have self-reflected and accepted your money blocks, the real work can begin. Overcoming is the most challenging step, because to overcome is to change.

First you must embrace positivity. We are all susceptible to negativity, whether it is in our thoughts or in our speech. Negativity limits us, it develops false beliefs, bad habits and nurtures toxic emotions. Thinking, speaking and behaving positively is the cure and it is one that requires daily effort. Write down self-affirmations and visualize them in your mind, practice humility and gratitude, try meditation and exercise to rid yourself of the negativity and centre yourself to welcome the positivity.

It is important that as part of this process you take the time to develop your goals, both in terms of the personal and the financial. What do you want to achieve? What money block do I want to overcome first? The more specific you can be the better, because with specificity all the steps to the path to success become clear.

If you feel uncertain about your ability to overcome your money blocks, consider reaching out to a financial therapist, a financial advisor or a life coach. These experts have the knowledge, tools and experience to help you.

Money blocks are common, but hopefully with these three steps you can begin the journey of overcoming them. When you’re analyzing your business finances or purchases, stop to consider if a money block is influencing your decision or if it’s in line with your business. Remember self-reflection and acceptance will lead you to become the best version of yourself. This is a challenging pursuit, there will be good days and there will be days where you may falter. That is okay, we are human after all. What matters most is to be consistent and stay on the path to success, as it is one that can benefit your life and your business in tremendous ways.