Why You Should Have An Accountability Coach

No matter your capabilities or determination, seeking help is always a good thing to do and for entrepreneurs that help comes in the form of an accountability coach!

As an entrepreneur or self-starter, you are at the helm of your ship steering and guiding it in the directions you see fit. It is your responsibility to make it to your destination, but what happens if you get lost along the way? How are you going to get back on track? Are you able to do it alone?

Here is why having an accountability coach is the solution:


The daily life of an entrepreneur can be overwhelming, as such it is complicated to keep track of everything that you have done and that you need to do. You may have an end goal in your mind, but when faced with multiple paths aheads, how do you determine which direction is the right one? And perhaps more importantly, how do you get back on track in the scenario your chosen direction leaves you adrift?

On the more specific side, the order in which you undertake tasks also matters. What needs to be done first? What daily tasks need to be accomplished by the end of the week or by the end of the month? How do these contribute to reaching the 1 year and 5 year goals?

Our accountability coach provides this order for you.


It starts with an non-judgemental assessment of your approach as a means to make you pause and consider your actions so far, including those that have led to success and those that have ended in failure. Through this you can learn from your shortcomings and understand why certain things didn’t happen the way you were expecting

Coaches can also provide you with an expanded well of experience, so that you may gain even more insight into what others have done and how have those actions affected their objectives. Receiving more context into different practices or approaches can be very helpful.

Our accountability coach provides this self reflection and constructive criticism.


Then comes the formation of a strategic plan. An accountability coach pushes you to ask yourself the toughest questions about your business: What is its purpose? What is your mission and your goals? What is your target market? Do you have a brand voice? What makes you different?

With clarity you are not only able to have a detailed and grounded view of your business, but this also helps narrow down the missions in order for the strategic plan to truly complement and highlight the value of your business. They can help implement new strategies and give you the tools you need to be more productive and achieve your goals.

With clarity you will gain purpose and motivation. They can then help you implement new strategies, establish more immediate goals and objectives, and give you the tools you need to be more productive.

Our accountability coach provides this through the 90 Day Build Program and the RIPKIT our exclusive strategic planning platform.


Most importantly, however, is the fact that through weekly meetings an accountability coach ensures you to stay on track and meet deadlines. These meetings provide an opportunity for you to share your accomplishments, reassess your approach, refocus your approach if necessary, and above all else hold you responsible for your actions.

As an entrepreneur you are the captain of your ship, but even the most capable captains need someone to help them navigate the challenges of the sea. An accountability coach represents someone, they are the guide that can equip you with the knowledge, resources, and opportunities you need to develop yourself and become more effective.

Our accountability coach provides this through the 90 Day Build Program and our custom program.

Consider bringing in an accountability coach as they are an invaluable asset to your mission. Here at Build Impossible we have coaches from various industries ready to support and guide you to the next level.