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How To Build A Gender Intelligent Workplace

Values Profile Template

You likely have established cultural values like transparency, integrity, accountability, and the like – but do your team members know how to live your values? Help take your values from abstract concepts to real-life actions as you complete a values profile.

Run A Better Meeting With TOM

We’ve all been stuck in a bad meeting. You find yourself wondering: What’s the agenda? Who is the person in charge? Some people start to offer ideas, others shoot them down. Nothing is really decided and the meeting wraps up, or, on the contrary, there were great conversations and initiatives — but now what? Did you achieve tangible progress? 

Stop running bad, boring, disorganized meetings. Change up your meeting routine with this one simple question to have more productive and collaborative team meetings.

5 Tools For Remote Teams

Managing a team in different locations and time zones doesn’t have to be difficult – especially with the help of these five essential tech tools to improve process and communication.