The Importance Of Social Media

Social media has taken over our lives. That may sound like a hyperbole, but it is a fact. We are living in the internet age and on a daily basis each of us is consuming content through the various social media platforms. It is how we stay in contact, how we learn, how we build and how we share experiences.

This fact is absolutely key if you are an entrepreneur. If your marketing strategy or plan doesn’t involve social media then you are doomed.

Social media is the foundation of digital marketing and how you utilize it, is the factor that will determine how far you will go.

Different Psychologies

One of the biggest mistakes that is committed when it comes to digital marketing is copy pasting the same content throughout all social media platforms. To do this is to effectively misunderstand the psychology at play in each platform. Consider this: when you check your Facebook are you searching for the same things you search when you check Twitter or Instagram?

Each social media platform is different. An image that works in Instagram doesn’t work in Twitter, likewise a video that works in YouTube doesn’t work for TikTok. It is important to realize that you have to tackle each platform with a different mindset in order to extract the most out of them. 

Be aware of the psychology of the platform in which you are posting in, tailor your posts accordingly and then you will be able to create the most engagement.

Start Small

When you are starting out as an entrepreneur, it is recommended to start small and this carries over to your marketing strategy. It isn’t necessary for you to be in every single social media platform from the very beginning. Instead you can focus on a select few like one or two.

If you have a clearly defined understanding of your product or service, and can identify where your audience or customers would be the most responsive, then you can gather all your efforts to build that customer base there.

The beauty of it is that once you’ve conquered one or two of the platforms, you can expand and already have in your pocket a loyal base to propel you even further ahead and maximize your reach.


Influencers have become more and more prominent in recent years, and they represent an effective marketing route. Consider the fact that there are millions of influencers out there, each with an audience, whether it be small or growing, that not only respects and appreciates them, but also seeks them out for guidance or entertainment.

Reaching out to influencers and compensating them accordingly will aid in expanding the reach of your product or service. It is important to also keep in mind that you have to give that influencer creative freedom to endorse your product however they see fit. This way things remain authentic and their audience will be more responsive to what they say.

While we have covered several factors here, there are other ones to consider as well such as: the volume of how much you post per week, examining and learning from your analytics, and even expanding to commonly overlooked platforms like LinkedIn for example. 

We live in the internet age and as an entrepreneur, it is important to realize that social media is at the core of your digital marketing plan. Being capable of understanding the different platforms available, utilizing them accordingly and focusing your efforts will help you accomplish your mission.