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How to Build a Digital Media Campaign

5 Tips To Earning Press Coverage

Getting covered on the right newscast, podcast, or online magazine could be pivotal for any small business – but many entrepreneurs don’t know where to begin when it comes to public relations. The tips in this article will help you get your footing.

Understanding Your Customer

The most important part of any marketing strategy is understanding your customers. Use this User Persona guide to better understand yours.

Value Proposition Template

Use this simple value proposition template to articulate the real reason your target market purchases your product or service. Get clear on the main benefits to them that your competitors can’t claim.

Social Media Strategy Template

Why start from scratch? Download this template and have a solid social media strategy Why start from scratch? This template will help you summarize details such as who your target audience is, how often you’ll post and what your primary and secondary goals of each social platform are in just a few hours.

User Persona Template

Understanding your customers or users is the #1 most important aspect of a great marketing plan. Use this simple user persona template to understand your users and uncover what you need to understand about them better.