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Values Profile Template

You likely have established cultural values like transparency, integrity, accountability, and the like – but do your team members know how to live your values? Help take your values from abstract concepts to real-life actions as you complete a values profile.

One-Page Business Plan

Writing a business plan can be a daunting task — but it doesn’t have to be. We recommend a lean approach that saves your brain power (and sanity) for growing your business. That’s not to say you should forgo a business plan entirely; it has an important place in your strategy. But for most entrepreneurs and startup founders, a slim, condensed, one-page version will do just fine.

Use this template to explain your big idea to investors, partners, and employees simply and on a single page.

The Tool Kit

Building a business doesn’t mean starting from scratch. Sometimes a few basic tools can launch major growth. The Tool Kit is a 26 page resource filled with guides, templates, checklists, and prompts in order to better understand your business and how you can take it to the next level.

Inside you will find: 

  1. Steps to build your Company Snapshot making it way easier to document your strategy, vision, and goals.
  2. A Brand Guide so your brand and design standards are housed in one spot.
  3. A Pitch Deck Template that is simple, to the point, and keeps your potential investors engaged.4. Our Go-to Platforms are easy-to-use systems to help you get started or level up your current processes.

NDA Template

Protect your intellectual property and your business by having vendors and partners execute a non-disclosure agreement. Be sure to have your own legal representative review this template before executing it.

Pitch Prep Checklist

Having the right points at hand when a potential investor asks for them proves you’re prepared – and not having answers can throw off your entire pitch. Before you go into your first pitch, be sure you’ve done the 9 items on this list to prepare. 

Checklist For Hiring A New Vendor

When you’ve got three different IT firms, CPAs, or development teams to choose from, how do you choose the right vendor for your team? Use this simple downloadable to ensure you’re making the right decision for the long-term.

Run A Better Meeting With TOM

We’ve all been stuck in a bad meeting. You find yourself wondering: What’s the agenda? Who is the person in charge? Some people start to offer ideas, others shoot them down. Nothing is really decided and the meeting wraps up, or, on the contrary, there were great conversations and initiatives — but now what? Did you achieve tangible progress? 

Stop running bad, boring, disorganized meetings. Change up your meeting routine with this one simple question to have more productive and collaborative team meetings.

The Foolproof Quide To Validating Your Business

Have you heard it said that to win big, you must risk big? This is a widely believed misconception when it comes to taking risks in business. While there may be individuals who take un-calculated risks and win, most of them do not. So what then is the formula that most successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders of the world follow? It’s simple.

Value Proposition Template

Use this simple value proposition template to articulate the real reason your target market purchases your product or service. Get clear on the main benefits to them that your competitors can’t claim.