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Social Media Strategy Template

Why start from scratch? Download this template and have a solid social media strategy Why start from scratch? This template will help you summarize details such as who your target audience is, how often you’ll post and what your primary and secondary goals of each social platform are in just a few hours.

User Persona Template

Understanding your customers or users is the #1 most important aspect of a great marketing plan. Use this simple user persona template to understand your users and uncover what you need to understand about them better.

360 Assesment Template

The days of top-down annual reviews are long gone, so how do you effectively deliver positive and constructive feedback to team members to grow them over time? Introduce peer driven reviews and track progress.

Self Awareness Workbook

Self-awareness is the foundation for self-actualization. Empower personal growth by taking a few minutes each day to reflect on these questions, powered by Redspark.